DJI Mavic Mini: Perfect Compact Drone for Aerial Shots

Are you looking for a drone that can take clear aerial shots? Then, what’s stopping you? The thought that the drone doesn’t work well? For a beginner, everyone faces these questions. There’s no doubt it’s pretty tricky to find a good quadcopter from the market. However, with proper research, you can easily find a compact drone.

Thankfully, we have got you covered. By researching for long hours, we have found the solution for you. The DJI Mavic Mini drone can smoothly take crystal clear shots. And, the portable design makes it immensely easier to manage it. There are a lot of other intriguing features that need to be explored.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the DJI Mavic Mini review.

For your better understanding, let’s break down the key points into different headings.


DJI Mavic Mini Review

DJI Mavic Mini Review


Compact and Portable design: 

Drones always lack in design and transport aspects. Sometimes they are pretty heavy, and it isn’t easy to take them from place to place. Or, they have a clumsy and fragile design. However, this case is not susceptible to the DJI Mavic Mini drone. The Mavic mini weighs only 250 grams in total. Which, in reality, weighs equal to your smartphone. Hence, it’s pretty effortless to carry this drone, and you will not get tired of having the drone.

Plus, most of the takeoff weight includes SD cards, propellers, and the included battery.



For the longevity of a drone, performance varies as an integral part. Unlike the other drones, the Mavic mini offers intuitive controls and a user experience. Plus, just by tapping few adjustments, you can quickly make intriguing cinematic shots. Moreover, if it’s your first time using the drone, a flight tutorial is also present in the DJI Mavic mini. Hence, not only you will quickly learn to fly the drone, but it also stays protected from the damage.

Along with that, the drone camera captures images with 12 MP aerial photos. At the same time, the Mavic mini is capable of taking 2.7k HD videos. In addition, the 3-axis gimbal provides excellent stability and focus on the image. The person will not move from the screen and will remain in the frame till the end. Also, in getting ultra-smooth imaging, it’s essential to have a gimbal. Furthermore, the drone can move at a maximum speed of 29 mph.


Flight Time: 

Before we discuss the specifications, if you live in the US or Canada, you don’t need any registration to fly the DJI Mavic mini drone. However, flying time is important to consider, as it will vary how long the drone should stay in the air. Unlike the typical destitute drones, the Mavic mini can remain in the mood for 30 minutes. But, make sure the battery is fully charged. Plus, the drone doesn’t take too much time to set.

The DJI charging base quickly charges the drone and without any complication. Moreover, the sleek design also displays when the drone is charging. Also, at an additional cost, you can purchase two fast replacement units. In case of water damage, and collision you can also replace your product. A DIY creative kit also comes with the package; hence you can creatively design the DJI Mavic mini.



  • 29 mph max flight speed
  • Foldable and light design
  • CMOS Sensors
  • 86 miles max. Takeoff altitude
  • 30 min. Max flight time
  • Fairly expensive


Frequently Asked Questions:

Which material is utilized in the construction of the DJI Mavic Mini drone?

The sole material utilized in manufacturing is plastic. However, premium quality material is used for extended durability and stability. The plastic model is also the reason behind the lightweight frame and rapid movement.


Does the microSD card come with the DJI Mavic drone?

Unfortunately, the MicroSD card doesn’t come with the DJI Mavic drone. However, you can add the card to the package. By doing that, it will cost an additional $21.99. Yet, the storage will be enough, and you don’t have to spend more next time.

Final Thoughts:

DJI Mavic cost is fairly expensive. But for capturing intriguing shots, and make sure the focus doesn’t get lost. The DJI mini is the best option available. Also, the drone is immensely lightweight and doesn’t take much space to carry. Hence, you can bring the drone everywhere you want.

Also, with 30 mins flight time, you have enough time to take the shot with the perfect frame. So, if you like the DJI Mavic Mini, don’t hesitate in making the purchase.

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