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How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

Nowadays, when mobility is every day, the need to have a full battery on our laptop is more than necessary. We don’t always have the ability to charge our battery properly. Sometimes we travel, sometimes we are in nature … and we need a full battery.

Most of the devices are designed in a way that they have no alternative way to charge the batteries without the original chargers. But with some technical knowledge, you can charge the battery, and the ways are not expensive.

How to Charge Laptop Battery Manually?

Let the charging adapter be your friend

Every time we get ready for a trip, it’s a good idea not to forget the charging adapter. The best way to keep our battery running is the original adapter. Airports, bus stations, and railways, wherever we have the opportunity, can use a plug for our laptop to be operational.

Using a Universal power adapter

If we do not have our original charger, we can use a universal charger or one of the same laptop model. We must not forget that we must be careful that the plug is the same so as not to damage the connector for charging the laptop, we need to know how strong our charger is otherwise we may damage our battery and our laptop.

External charger

In some cases, we can use an еxternal charger. Some laptops have the ability to remove the battery and charge it externally with a suitable charger. But let’s not forget that in most new models, the batteries are not removed.

External batteries

If we can, we can also buy a suitable external battery that would extend our laptop’s time.

Dock Station For Laptop

Dock station for laptop is another way we can increase battery life. With Dock station, we continue to use the laptop and at the same time, we get more plugins to use.

Type C USB Connector

Conclusion On How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

�?ll laptops have USB connectors, USB connectors type A and B served to transfer data and charge devices via laptop, but already with the new connection type C, we can charge the laptop through that type of connection.

Using a Power Bank

As mentioned above, if the laptop has a type C connection, we can also use a power bank to charge it. Charging is very easy and we just need a stronger power bank and type C connection and we start charging. The problem is that only newer laptop models have this connector, which is a disadvantage for older laptop models.

Using Solar Energy

And we can use this option and it is quite useful. Solar charging kit. It can only be a charger and it can also be a power bank when we don’t use it, we can recharge it and it will be ready for us to use.

Super laptop batteries

We can also get a stronger battery as an option (super laptop batteries). This would give them more capacity and longer use time.

Conclusion On How To Charge Laptop Battery Manually

We hope that these few ways will help you with certain situations or give you an idea of how to charge laptop battery manually. We want to recommend the proper use of the battery on your laptop, which would give you a longer battery life.

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